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Experts try their best to meet the expectations of even the most demanding owners of cars operated at an above–average level. Polyurethane bushings are made (as the name implies) of polyurethane, that is, a polymer consisting of organic elements connected by carbamate connectors. Polyurethane is used to produce foam sponges (which are used in every kitchen) and very hard components. Polyurethane bushings are very strong and resistant to external factors.

Why to use PU bushings?

Rubber bushings do not provide enough durability or rigidity. Polyurethane may be the best option, especially for motor-sport and off-road sports where comfort is not in the first place.

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What is a polyurethane bushing for?

The “job” of bushings is to dampen suspension vibrations to prevent them from being transferred to the body and to keep suspension components in place. Vibration damping function of polyurethane bushings is inferior to the rubber bushing, but the steering accuracy and overall rigidity of the car are much higher compared to standard bushings.

How hard are the polyurethane bushings?

There is a wide range of hardness of polyurethane bushings, and this parameter can be freely adjusted during the production process. Typically, the polyurethane used for suspension has a hardness of 70 to 90 Shore A units. The higher the number, the stiffer the bushing is.

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How to mount polyurethane bushings?

Polyurethane bushings most often have a simplified structure, which makes it much easier to mount than rubber bushings. Although in most cases the assembly can be done independently, but manufacturers strongly recommend to transfer this task to specialized workshops. The suspension is a part of the car that directly affects safety, because it connects the body to the road we are driving on. Each modification affects driving safety to a greater or lesser extent, and you should be fully aware of this. It should also be remembered that after replacing the rubber bushings and polyurethane bushings, it is recommended to set the camber convergence.

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