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How to Choose Spare Parts for Your Car

Simultaneously with the purchase of a car, owners think about where they will get spare parts to repair their “iron horse”, even if it is a new vehicle.

Kinds of spares

Spare parts for a car are original (native), which are marked by an automobile factory and non-original (analogue), which are produced by independent companies for various car brands. You can also purchase used spares.

Original parts are much more expensive, but meet quality standards. To make the right choice, use the VIN decoder.

Non-original parts for cars can be produced both under the brand of the manufacturer and under the brand of a firm- packer.

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Is it possible to check the quality of auto parts?

Original parts, their analogue or fake – it all depends on who and where the spare parts are made. Analogue parts are manufactured in accordance with the license agreement of the original manufacturer. In this case, auto parts for Korean cars, Western and “state” foreign cars, as well as domestic cars are almost the same in quality. Fake spare parts are misrepresent as original, but … They lack the manufacturer’s mark and branded packaging, there are no stickers indicating the characteristics of this spare part.

It should be concluded that it is better to contact a reliable point for the sale of auto parts and always be sure of the quality of car spare parts.

Three rules for buying used spare parts

When buying an engine or gearbox, the car owner must provide a marking that is stamped on the part itself. In addition, to solve this problem, VIN lookup can help.

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When buying any electronic spare part or control unit, you need to provide the original spare part number. There is a nuance: the control unit has its own program with an additional firmware number on some cars, so you need to check with the car master hand whether this number is required.

If a car body repair is planned, you need to know exactly the model of the vehicle. When buying auto parts in an online store, you can provide a photo of the original spare parts.

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