Considerations When Installing The LED Light Bars On The Roof

It is necessary for professional installation of the LED light bars on the roof. An individual can be able to install a LED light bar with the aid of the essential tools to be used and also be able to follow the instructions very carefully. For proper installation, the necessary procedures and steps should be strictly followed. One is advised to refer to the instructions manual which is incorporated with the product. Here are the considerations to be followed by a person when he or she installs the LED light bars on the roof;

LED light bar should be tested


One should be able to check the LED light bar before installing since it might have a fault and may be damaged when it was transported. Time will be saved by not installing a light which is flawed. For testing purposes, one is supposed to connect the lights bar directly to 12V direct current source or a car battery. The power supply should be able to conform to the specs of the product, and the maximum current is available to light the LED light bars. The wall outlet which is the ac source should not be attached to the light bar.

Mounts to the light bars

The LED light bars should have a minimum of one and many threaded studs which protrude from the lower side or surface. The mounting studs are fitted with the studs and attachment is attained. In the market, there is the existence of light bars having the provision for the holes to be drilled and others channel mounts are incorporated whereby sliding of mounting brackets is achieved. For placing the light bar in its rightful position, specialized bar mounts will be needed. Brackets can be fabricated by an individual to suit a situation. One is advised to avoid attaching the mounting brackets to rubber, fiberglass, and plastic.

End brackets

The end brackets are positioned, and the studs of the light bar housing are connected at both ends. The best ventilation should be placed on the light bar’s rear face for the LED lights to last for a longer time. The light bar should not be set from the source of fire or heat. The light bar is aligned at its right position with the assistance of the channel brackets.

Channel brackets


The LED light bars which employ the channel brackets, one is instructed to place them at the bottom at the uttermost ends of it. The larger panels’ center is mostly subjected to dents. Click here on how to install led light bar on roof.