A Simple Guide To Purchasing The Best Car Speakers For Your Money



Car sound systems have come a long way within the last decade or so, with many manufacturers adding all kinds of new features on a regular basis. While this is great for anyone who appreciates good music and sound in their cars, it also makes it somewhat difficult to make the best purchase, due to so many options available. If you are struggling to find the best speakers for your car, perhaps you will find the following guide useful and handy.

The size of speakers and their location

22nvnclnklFor starters, consider the size of the speakers before you buy them, or you will end up with the ones you cannot fit into your car. To be sure, check your car’s user manual, and ask for some useful resources and catalogs once you are in an audio equipment shop. Don’t forget that you will have to consider both the speaker’s width as well as its mounting depth.

When considering the location, you should have your speakers situated in the center, front and rear of your car, to get the complete experience and optimal balance.

The quality of sound

The quality of sound is closely tied to the price range. Simply put, you will get what you pay for. You may find it tempting to purchase a cheap sound system, to save some money. Keep in mind that you will end up having poor sound quality in your car and paying more for repairs in the long run. To find the best car sound systems for your money, you should go online and check specialized websites, such as gear4wheels.com. There, you will surely find the best speakers for your money.

Power output

This typically refers to the “efficiency” of the speakers, and how much sound they produce per watt. Car sound systems list both RMS and peak outputs. If your system’s head unit produces, say, 60 watts, then it is the systems peak output, not an average listening level. In this case, try to find the speakers that have a high decibel rating, which greatly influences the overall power output.

Extra features

These mainly include tweeters, which can be detachable and pivoting, and external crossovers. Removable tweeters are universal and can be installed in components or full-range. If you have to switch vehicles, these will come quite handy, as you will not have to buy new ones. If you have installed your speakers due to size limitations, somewhat awkward make sure they feature pivoting tweeters. Last, but not least, external crossovers will allow you to separate the frequencies that are sent to the tweeter and the woofer, to produce a better, cleaner sound.


33nfnlnklAnd finally, consider the materials, as they will affect both the quality of the sound and the durability of the speakers. When it comes to the subwoofers, try to find the ones that are made from lightweight but stiff materials, such as woven fabric or polypropylene.

If you want to achieve a more mellow, refined sound, you should go with tweeters made from materials like silk or textile blends. On the other hand, if you want a brighter, harsher sound, go with the materials such as graphite, ceramics, or metal. Also, make sure the surround is made from cloth, foam, or rubber so that it can withstand humidity and extreme temperatures.